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Make Your Own Merch

If you can dream it, you can create (and sell) it. Here are 8 Platforms allowing you to sell everything from tshirts, to stickers, to art…and way more. Reviews, tips & tricks, plus a bonus interview with stay-at-home-mom turned tshirt design pro.

Side Hustles & Extra Cash

Make funny voices, write stuff down, play games, give your opinion, or even go shopping. Nope, it’s not a dream. We’ve got 26 companies dying to pay for your … cough … “work” 😛

Surveys, Studies, & Focus Groups

Get paid to answer questions about yourself. The best part? No such thing as a wrong answer 🙂 Some of these sites/apps will even pay $100 or $200 per study. Cha-ching!

Teach Your Language

Make up to 25 bucks/hour from a skill you’ve had since you were 2 🙂 Some of the companies we list offer flexible hours so you can teach anytime (paid per minute!). Others give regular courses for a steady pay(pal) check.


9 freelancing platforms to get gigs while being your own boss…even if you’re based on the moon! Including platform reviews, insider tips, and an exclusive interview with Adam, a freelancer who banks 6 figures.

Career Roles

Rock your career anywhere in the world…here are 62 companies (many offering sweet benefits) looking to hire for marketing, design, development, sales, support, account management, HR, and more.

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The Remote Work Guide has been a great help for finding easy odd jobs online to help supplement my income.I didn’t even know about ‘microtasks’ and the fact that I could make money by taking surveys online!

I recommend the guide to all who are looking for a one-stop resource for all things remote work. It is nicely organized by task type as well as by specific industry/field.

Anastasia S, Community Manager & Translator

What Exactly Is Remote Much?

Want to work at home in your pajamas…or while traveling the world?

Sick of dragging yourself out of bed, wasting a couple hours EVERY DAY, commuting to your boring J-O-B?

Wish your demanding boss and annoying coworkers would disappear?

If your answer was “yes” to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course you’d like to make your work remote, that’s why you’re on this page…but you don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps you already made a few remote bucks (congrats!), but want more resources or gigs for extra remote income

Grab Remote Much.

Your all-in-one guide to:

  • Making an income while traveling the world.
  • Making money in bed, relaxing in your underwear, sipping Merlot.
  • Working from home to watch your kids.

By now you might be thinking, “I’d love that, but I don’t have the skills, background, experience…” And on and on. 

Well, good news — you DON’T need to be a programmer, have a design background, or any IT skills at all (though it couldn’t hurt).

We’ve helped everyone from “stay-at-home moms” to college dropouts to salaried professionals looking to go remote.

Whether you’re a seasoned, suit-wearing career guy / gal or have ZERO work experience, we’ve got TONS of opportunities for you. You just have to know where to look…(here’s a hint: grab our guide!)

Remote Much: your SECRET WEAPON to live the life YOU WANT.


  1. A traditional “book” you read from start to finish.
  2. Fluffy success stories of how people you don’t care about make money online.
  3. Ridiculously long descriptions of systems asking for an investment.
  4. A list of vague “ideas” to make money online (start a blog! sell stuff on ebay!)
  5. Strategies on “becoming” a digital nomad or transitioning to remote work.
  6. A mere “list” of jobs …that’s just the *tip* of the iceberg, keep reading… 😉

Now that we’ve covered what REMOTE MUCH is NOT, here’s what REMOTE MUCHIS:

  1. A MASSIVE amount of specific jobs, gigs, and money making resources you can use NO MATTER WHAT you want to do, or how far along you are on your remote journey.
  2. Insider tips, reviews, and exclusive video interviews from other remote workers with PROVEN TRACK RECORDS.
  3. Divided into 10 different categories, so YOU CAN PICK which categories to check out based on the type of remote work you want. Choose your own remote adventure!

There are a 10 categories of remote work (plus 2 FREE BONUS guides!) choose from 1, 2, 5… (as many as you want):

1. Job Board Websites

If you’re in the market to earn a steady paycheck no matter where you’re based, start here. These job boards feature remote- friendly roles. You’ll find everything from entry level positions all the way up to senior management.

2. Career Roles

Pursue your professional career from anywhere with remote “corporate” jobs. Exhaustively long list of remote friendly companies, including their benefits and specific roles they look for.

3. Customer Service & More

If you love talking to people but can’t stand the thought of leaving the house, this is for you! Here’s a select list of companies hiring remote customer service reps on an ongoing basis.

Never worked in customer service? No degree? No problem! Most don’t require much experience or a university degree.

4. Remote Language Teaching

Get paid for a skill you’ve had since you were 2! Earn anywhere from $10 to $25. Don’t have a degree or teaching experience? Yes, you can still teach! (Note: more qualifications = more pay and opportunities).

5. Side Hustle / Extra Cash

Get your feet wet working remote, even if you’re too busy for regular hours. Discover flexible, part time tasks to fit your busy schedule. Including: voice-over work, transcription jobs, survey sites, moderator jobs, and more.

6. Surveys, Studies, & Focus Groups

You can do them whenever you have time, while you’re relaxing at home. Some sites even pay $100-$200 per study… not a bad deal! I personally have made $50 for 1 hour of feedback.

7. Make Your Own Merch

Make Your Own Merch: Are you crafty and creative? If so, consider starting an online store and sell your own merchandise. The platforms we reveal make this a breeze. Learn the pros & cons of each site, plus get insider tips from a parent who homeschools her kids, has a full time job, and still manages to grow her merch profits each month. If she can do it, so can you!

8. Freelancing

If you want to earn money from your skills without an annoying boss, seriously consider freelancing. Not sure which platform is best for you? We’ll give you reviews, plus exclusive interviews with a couple freelancing digital nomads already earning 6 figures.

9. Turn Knowledge into Cash

Ever wondered how to create passive income WITHOUT getting involved in MLM or “opportunities” requiring investments? I’ll show you how (it’s easier than you think!) by producing a video course or creating your own an ebook.

10. Mini Tasks and MUCH more!

First, discover 5 micro-task sites to get paid a bit of money for super-quick tasks. You won’t get rich, but it’s a dead-simple way to make money anytime, anywhere. Zero skill required (except knowing how to use a computer!)Next, I’ll reveal some of the craziest ways you can imagine to make extra cash. Most of this stuff you’d probably do anyway…why not get paid for it?! Earn cash by…

• watching videos
• playing games
• scanning your receipts
• scratching off lottery tickets
• reading the news
• walking into stores
• just walking around (seriously!)
…. and MUCH more 🙂

And that’s not all!! We’re throwing in 2 BONUS Mini-guides for FREE ($20 Value).

1. Stay For Free All Over The World

Sound too good to be true? Trust us, this is FOR REAL. We reveal top world volunteering /travel sites (both skilled and unskilled options). In addition, learn how to house-sit from a full time Nomad House-sitter, including insider strategies and tips using her favorite 2 sites.

2. Grow Your Money With Micro-investments

Learn how to invest your spare change (money you’d completely forget about) and wake up one day to big money. Besides micro-investing in funds, “outside the box” sites are covered, like p2p loans, crowd sourced real estate, micro-investing in cryptocurrency, and more.




Here's a Taste of what You'll Get!

Free sample pages from the book.

  • Customer Service
  • Language
  • Freelancing
  • Side Hustle
  • Career Roles

Perfect if you are a:

    • stay at home parent
    • college student looking for extra income
    • in between jobs and need immediate, reliable income
    • have other life commitments or priorities, and can’t commit to a long term, full time 9-5

 If you love talking to people but can’t stand the thought of leaving the comfort of your own home, this is the chapter for you! I’ve compiled a select list of companies almost always hiring remote customer service reps.

Never had a customer service job before? No college degree? No worries 🙂 Most of these positions do not require much (if any) related work experience or a university degree.

I recommend rewriting your resume using this skills-based format. Skills-based resumes are great for career transitions because they highlight the skills you learned in your past jobs that are applicable to your new position. Also, check out this article for more awesome tips on how to land your first customer service job!

If you’re not comfortable on the phone, no worries! Some of the companies listed here hire live chat agents too (that’s typing, not talking – hehe).

Last but not least – if you’re not a big “people person”, don’t worryI’ve included a handful of entry level search engine evaluation jobs in this chapter just for you 😉

Kelly Connect employees provide phone and chat support for customers experiencing technical issues with their devices. Depending on the position, you may be required to get a landline (does anybody seriously have those anymore?!). Starting pay at Kelly Connect is between $10 and $14 an hour, with benefits (hurray!).

Here’s what an employee of the company had to say:

“I really enjoyed working at KellyConnect! Your supervisors and team leads work tirelessly to ensure your success, the pay (for my area at least) was great and so were the benefits/bonuses! I will say that the department I worked in could get super stressful at times but our team – more like a family – was always there to encourage each other and help us push through any obstacle.”

Click here for more deets on working with Kelly Connect!

Alchemic Dream provides community, social media, and other management services for the gaming industry. They offer a wide range of remote positions – three of which are in customer support. Pretty awesome that they offer specializations in phone support versus email/chat, so you can choose whatever tickles your pickle.

Besides support, they also have positions available in sales, community management, social media, admin, and web design. If you don’t see a position in your language or profession on their website, they still encourage you to send your resume.

In a review of the company, an employee said:

“[Managers are] good at keeping you in the loop about assignments and are friendly… The hardest part of course is dealing with some customers, typically though it’s not bad at all. The best part is being able to work from home.”

Many of the positions – especially those in customer support – don’t require experience. Woohoo! Although if you have some background /knowledge related to gaming that definitely couldn’t hurt 😉

Appen is a company that uses data collected from humans to improve artificial intelligence of machines. They contract remote workers to evaluate social media and web searches, read and record short phrases, transcribe audio, and a bunch of other things that can be done from your couch in your pajamas! Living the dream baby.

Typically an Appen worker gets between 1-4 hours of work per day, 5 days a week, and make anywhere from $10 to $14 an hour. However, many Appen workers have said in their reviews of the company that 1 to 4 hours of work was not always available, so this probably isn’t a job you can rely on for regular monthly income.

A Reddit user who works for Appen said that the pay is:

“very good considering the simplicity of the work.”

If working for Appen sounds like your cup of tea, click here to learn more!

WTW: Saw several Australians on Reddit working for Appen, so they do hire outside the US, but couldn’t confirm which other countries they hire in.

Want more hand-picked, customer service and other types of gigs requiring little to no experience? Get Remote Much Premium here, now! (Currently on sale for  40% off)

Our Story

Hey, how’s it going? I’m Jordan, a digital nomad. I didn’t just become one yesterday. I’ve been living the “Nomad Life” for 8+ years (learn more about me)

When people meet me, they’ll usually say something like, “wow, I’d love to do that! How the hell did you pull that off?!”

The more I was asked, the more I wanted to help.

I knew there were already tons of great remote income resources out there. There are training courses, case studies, success stories, and lists of different remote jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, those are all useful…but I had a *gut feeling* something was missing.

When I noticed a “nomad hopeful” on Reddit complaining that there wasn’t a resource for specific work opportunities along with advice…I thought, “aha!”

That was my “light bulb” moment. 

Here’s what I realized…what hasn’t existed (til now!) is a master list of remote income opportunities, with tips and reviews.

I mean every type of legit, remote gig imaginable…not just a list of the “top 50 jobs” or something silly like that. And I’m not just talking about any old list… “what’s wrong with a basic list?”, you might wonder.

Well, when you scan a typical list of remote opportunities, you have no clue which gig is best for you.

To determine that, you’d have to go a bunch of links at random, looking up websites, spending countless hours of research trying to determine if an opportunity is worth a closer look.

I wanted to save people hours, days, weeks, or months doing boring research. Time which could be MUCH better spent actually doing work they love. Work that pays.

To save time, people would need insider tips and reviews (not to mention video interviews with successful Nomads who share their secrets).

It’s like having a “remote buddy” to turn to for work and advice.

So I began gathering job leads, links, tips, and feedback. In the beginning, it started as a basic 2 page doc with random remote work opportunities, along with a few words of advice. I’d copy and paste this as a response to anyone asking how to make money online.

As I noticed more resources being shared in forums, I slowly began adding to my doc.

What began as a response to a simple question began to grow. When it was about 5 pages long, I had the idea of creating a small PDF for a couple bucks. But my remote resource monster kept on getting larger, until it finally snowballed into an enormous GODZILLA-sized guide.

Along the way, I realized this task was too large for one man alone. I invited a couple super talented people to join the adventure. (More on how research was conducted

Fast forward 6 Months later — plus ridiculous amounts of research, writing and caffeine —  REMOTE MUCH was finally born. Wha-bam!

Success, hugs and kisses,


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