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It’s true that remote work is constantly in flux. New, remote-friendly companies are popping up all the time. Or established remote companies may change their policies regarding who they hire, location requirements, rate of pay, etc.

Quick example: in May of this year, freelancing platform “Upwork” is making a major change in the way job proposals (“Connects”) are submitted. Not to worry though! We found a great article with strategies to make the most of this 

We recognize this, it’s an inevitable fact. Yet most of the opportunities in this guide will still be around throughout 2019 (likely several years from now as well).

In fact, we’re confident at least 90% of the work opportunities in REMOTE MUCH will remain the same. (If not completely identical, perhaps with just a couple minor updates.)

NOTE: Out of our entire guide, the specific jobs most likely to vary during the course of the year are the companies hiring in “Section 2: Career Roles”. The majority of the gigs presented in other chapters should always be available.

Regarding Section 2, Career Roles: these companies may not be hiring for the same exact positions all year round. That said, REMOTE MUCH will give you an idea of the positions typically available (FlexJobs lists previous jobs for this reason). It’s a known fact — employees leave companies and move around on a regular basis. Therefore, if a remote company has recently been hiring for a given role, there’s more than a fair chance they’ll be looking to fill it (or a comparable one) in the future!

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