Hey there! Meet our team.

Jordan Sanders

Jordan has been bouncing around Europe since 2010 (before the term “digital nomad” existed!). He’s worked remotely from Portugal, Montenegro, and just about every European country in between 🙂

These days he spends most of his time in Berlin with his lovely fiancee. They met in a grocery store during a brief remote work stint in Croatia (nomads can start relationships anywhere!).

Over the last 8 years, Jordan has earned remote income a bunch of different ways, including: social media marketing, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, consulting, surveys and website testing, and more. He currently works in customer support as a full time remote employee.

Jordan’s favorite hobby (eating) is only rivaled by his love for staying active – you’re as likely to find him climbing a mountain as you are at home, munching on a homemade breakfast burrito (with gluten-free shell).

He’s also been a drummer since the age of 5, played with several different groups…currently rocking Irish folk jigs with international buddies in Germany. You can tweet him up here.

Jon Maldia

Jon has been bouncing around for a long time now. He’s lived in 30+ homes, attended 10+ schools, and had all kinds of jobs. He’s a bit like an “army brat”… without having military parents ;). Jon has been rocking nomad life full time for 3 years (and proud of it!). He began his digital nomad journey 5 years ago.

When Jon isn’t working his butt off at REMOTE MUCH, he works as a consultant, a developer, and has a another startup in the works. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also building a dropshipping business. Whew!

Jon’s a family man, with a beautiful, 8 year-old daughter.

As you can see ^, he’s a giant nerd – obsessed with The Walking Dead. He’s a huge Game of Thrones fan too. Speaking of shows, his guilty pleasure is binge watching Stranger Things, Lost in Space, Catastrophe, Sneaky Pete, Star Trek Discovery, Black Mirror, and…well..you get the idea 🙂

Like Jordan, he has musical inclinations as well. Whenever he has a free moment, he rocks the guitar. Want to say hi? Hit him up on twitter.


Douglas Davin Fernandes, Artwork

Douglas Davin Fernandes is a 42 year old illustrator and graphic designer from Brazil. Since his early childhood, he draws and creates stories and characters, and have been working for almost two decades for both big advertising agencies and small design studios.

You can say, he’s a very versatile and experienced professional! He’s the proud daddy of the “Space Unicorn Girl”, his magical 7yo daughter, who inspires him every single day to be his best.

Also, she’s his perfect excuse to see e-ve-ry single Pixar movie at the theaters. Douglas is a complete Marvel geek, loves comics, movies and animation. He’s also metal fan, former singer and one-man-band (playing something exotic called “air metal”).

His biggest influences are Stan Lee, Walt Disney, Neil Gaiman, Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg. Currently is pursuing a new career as a world nomad storyteller. Owns an extensive black wardrobe and enjoys talking to himself out loud. Think his art kicks-ass? He accepts compliments on Instagram.

Tristan Lane, Marketing

Tristan has been viciously traveling the world for the last 5 years, hitting 65 countries in 6 continents! Out of all the exotic places he’s visited, his favorite countries are the Maldives, Iran, and Indonesia. Tristan has been getting his feet wet with remote work for the last 3 years, experimenting with different fields.

In his spare time, Tristan works in the project management space and passionately trades cryptocurrency. Ask him anything about Bitcoin and some of the lesser-known cryptos and he’ll talk your head off 🤣. He’s also a huge sports fan and athlete, playing tennis, soccer, basketball, and as if that weren’t enough, he swims and cycles from time to time.