They know what they are talking about

The authors really know what they are talking about. Very helpful.

Kristin Haas

Really helpful!!!

“Your guide is probably the most helpful one I’ve read so far. The actual links and relevant jobs / job boards are great and I like that you gave some nice links to places to apply. really shows that you know the online job searching niche well.”

Daniel S.

A must have tool kit for remote workers

Not only that the Remote Much has help me to land my very first writing gig, but the above-and-beyond author’s approach has made this guide a must in any freelancer’s (or remote worker’s) tool kit 🙂
Thanks a million!

Tena K

This book is an informative and easy-to-navigate guide

This book is an informative and easy-to-navigate guide for anyone searching for remote work, divided into sections so you can easily find the info you need. It includes lots of job & career ideas that I hadn’t even thought of or known were possible to do from home and how to go about getting one. It includes a very thorough list of where to look for current, legitimate job listings and how each website works – definitely a great time saver and convenient to refer to. There is also advice and ideas for part time and sideline work, so that you can supplement your income using your existing skills, as well as information on the perks and benefits the companies offer their remote workers. Altogether very useful, thanks for putting it together!

Aisling F

Skip the Queue’ and save yourself money and time

Reading Jordan’s guide ‘Remote Munch’ gave me a comprehensive range of remote gigs which have clearly been extracted from his many years of grass roots testing. You can be rest assured that his resources for becoming a successful digital nomad have emerged from first hand knowledge. Becoming a digital nomad and finding remote work is possible for anyone, but it certainly helps to ‘skip the queue’ and save yourself money and time by talking to someone who has really been there and succeeded…Jordan has done just that

Tony Stokes
Media Production Manager and online writer

Vast variety of resources offered

Vast variety of resources offered

Kodak J

This book by far had the most resources in one place

I’ve checked out a bunch of other remote job guides.. this one by far had the most resources in one place. To be honest I was surprised to see such a wide array of different types of remote jobs. Side money stuff like surveys and testing to full time jobs, freelancing opportunities, teaching, and so much more. Already started applying. Highly recommended!

Amazon Customer

Learn how to digital nomad

If you want to know how to digital nomad, get the guide now. I don’t stand by a lot of digital nomad stuff except this guide. It has a TON of information about creating an online career, securing online fortunes, and traveling on the cheap. I will personally be skimming it again after writing this because even I saw things I didn’t recognize.

Hardly any cost for the value that you’re provided with.


Michael Kellar
Founder at

Very organized guide. My favorite by far!

I think it’s really wonderful. It gives a lot of great starting points. I really like the different categories to really help organize everything. I’ve done a lot of research into different remote jobs and looked at a lot of different guides. This one is my favorite by far.

Robin N.

Worth every Penny!

First I went directly to the sections where I had a bit of experience, like language teaching and customer service and applied to a few of those. After landing a part time teaching job, (yay!) I reviewed some side cash things and signed up for some user testing and feedback apps. Already made about $75 🙂 ..though that type of work isn’t “regular” it’s great to make some easy money every now and then. Been recommending this to basically all my friends. Seriously worth every penny!

Ivana P.

Find reliable sources and hints for remote work

I would like to thank you for the E-book “Remote Much” I found it to be a great beginner guide for newcomers of the Digital Nomad lifestyle. The E-book provides clear different sources where new DN can find reliable job announcement as well as hints on how to maximize their opportunities in getting the dream remote job. Wish you all the best in your adventure. Keep it up!!!

Adam Hi-Moon
Digital Marketing Trainee

It’s a steal!

It’s a steal! Great value for such legit and valuable information.

Tristan Lane

Really clear and well put together, so I’d recommend it highly

This is a really good and fun guide. I’ve been working remotely for almost a year now and it can be overwhelming the amount of options available for online jobs – and of course, sifting through the scams!

It’s really clear and well put together, so I’d recommend it highly to any digital nomads looking for new ways to work, and for those who are considering the lifestyle and would like to set themselves up nicely before they go. A great resource.

Caoimhe Goggins
Full Time Digital Nomad Housesitter

Excellent and well put together

Awesome service! The amount of resources they provide is excellent and well put together. You’d need an afternoon to get through everything, but it’s so worth it! If you want to work remotely, I would start here.

Mara D

A one-stop resource for all things remote work

The Remote Work Guide has been a great help for finding easy odd jobs online to help supplement my income.I didn’t even know about ‘microtasks’ and the fact that I could make money by taking surveys online!

I recommend the guide to all who are looking for a one-stop resource for all things remote work. It is nicely organized by task type as well as by specific industry/field.

Anastasia S
Community Manager & Translator

A huge time saver

I do A LOT of research into places to work remotely and there are some gems in here I haven’t seen elsewhere. There is also salary info and which nationalities qualify. This is a huge time saver so you don’t waste your time with companies that pay too low or don’t accept people from your country.

Zara V

Includes a ton of helpful resources

Very comprehensive and practical. The author is very knowledgable on the subject and includes a ton of helpful resources.

Laurie C.

It’s like a bottomless well

I was blown away by the multitude of resources offered. I took a quick scan through the extra cash section and already registered for a few sites there. Plan on going through the surveys section today and signing up to those… and honestly there’s so many other things here, like a bottomless well! 😅

Danijela K

Thorough guide that saves you lots of time

This is a great guide if you are new to remote working but also if have you already started, it can give you so many ideas about where to search for more.

Some info, such as the earnings per hour or who can apply is often difficult to find so this will save you a lot of time.

Thank you for making such a thorough guide!.

Online Teacher