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Ready to make a couple hundred bucks in remote cash with just a few minutes of work? I just did this myself and couldn’t believe how simple it was. Seriously, not sure why I haven’t done this before.

For years, I’ve been playing what I call “the credit card game” – where I’ll open a couple new credit cards each year with cash back bonuses (or the equivalent in flight miles) usually between $400-$600. In other words, it’s like an extra grand in my pocket each year for very little work.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon another hack which works just as well, and ties quite nicely into the credit card bonuses… ready for this?! 


Bank account opening bonuses! Woohoo!! 🙂 

In a nutshell, just like credit cards want to entice you to open cards with fat bonus offers, banks do the exact same thing! To thank you for opening a checking or savings account, tons of banks will offer you anywhere from $50-$300. 

A bit less than credit card bonuses on average, but still dead simple and well worth pursuing. 

If you have a job, roughly how much do you make per hour right now…$10? $20? $40? Whatever the case may be, for the few minutes it takes to search for an offer, read through the requirements, and open an account, you’re *still* likely earning far more “per hour” if you compare the effort with what you earn for your day job.

To be fair, there are typically a few hoops to jump through to get the bonus, like a minimum amount to be direct deposited or a handful of debit card transactions for the first couple months. But seriously, it’s no big deal…I’m sure you agree it’s still well worth it.

You’re probably wondering how I found this and what I had to do to get the cash. Happy to show ya! 🙂 I walk you through it in this quick video

Now go and explore the exciting new world of bank bonus offers. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m a total personal finance nerd 😛

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