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What are the 3 key ingredients to leading the “good life” as a digital nomad or remote worker?

Whether you are location independent or not, the good life for digital nomads may sound like a vague, idealistic concept. Without giving it much thought, you’d probably assume it’s all about achieving the “big goals”:

  1. Make enough money
  2. Finding love
  3. Doing activities you enjoy

And in a way that’s the truth…on the surface it sounds so simple, right?! But when you think about it, the components of each are COMPLETELY different depending on your point of view and your ideals.

Take #1 for instance – “make enough money”

Some might insist “enough” means owning an extravagant dream mansion, an expensive car…or fleet of cars (lambo! lambo! lambo!), constantly dining at fancy, white-tablecloth restaurants (I’d like my grass-fed, bison flank filet medium rare with the Amazon rainforest tree-fruit garnish on the side please), buying the latest gadgets we all imagine ourselves needing (The Apple Watch comes in so many colors!)…the list goes on.

To someone else, making enough money is far more humble. Millions of people would be overjoyed to simply put food on the table every day so they can feed their family and maintain a roof over their head. With these basic needs met, they’d be perfectly happy their entire life.

Most likely your definition (you – the guy or gal reading this!) of enough money falls somewhere between these two extremes 😉

And that’s just on the topic of money. Yikes! You can imagine how any “one size fits all solution to the good life is near impossible. Everyone’s definition of “love” and “favorite activities” would be just as different.

So how the heck can anyone help you, such a special, unique individual lead an awesome life?!

Simple. By breaking it down to its core components.

In our fascinating chat with Ludovic Vuillier and the team at The Good Life Manifesto, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and your jaw will drop to the floor at least twice!

Ludo: good life for digital nomads

Seriously though, discover Ludo’s 3 key ingredients to the good life for digital nomads. If you have a location independent lifestyle, especially, listen up!

This is for you 🙂

See highlights (with the exact times) below:

Ludo reveals 3 juicy secrets to the good life.

Good life for digital nomad highlights:

  • Who the heck is Ludo?! He describes how his background in finance and commission-only opened the door to understanding what makes people happy. He also announces that he’s location independent: “everything that I own is in one place… and it moves around with me”. Finally, (most important) importantly, discover his favorite sandwich & drink combo: 58 seconds
  • How did the idea for The Good Life Manifesto originate? For a long time, Ludo had a burning desire to share the lessons he’s learned through his crazy life in a blog…but he never quite knew how to start. The topics were too diverse – travel, personal freedom, resiliency, etc. Where to start?! Tons of trial and errors ensued. Then one day, during a conversation with David (who would later be his business partner), he had a stunning realization: all these seemingly unrelated topics led to one thing: leading a good life: 4 minutes 40 seconds
  • How can you help someone lead a “good life”, when its very definition of is different for everyone? We’re all individuals, and have our own unique desires. Here’s how Ludo and The Good Life Manifesto can help: 6 minutes 30 seconds
  1. Find your path to happiness, whatever that is for you: 7 minutes 37 seconds
  2. The Financial aspect to “the good life”, learn how to manage your money and determine what “enough” is: 8 minutes 48 seconds
  3. How to be a “mensch” (the Yiddish word for a good human being with integrity and loyalty): 9 minutes 30 seconds
  • How does being location independent relate to the good life: 11 minutes 37 seconds
  • Ludo’s #1 Secret to Getting Started Leading a good life: 15 minutes 14 seconds

Ready to rock the good life?! Connect with Ludo and “The Good Life Manifesto” at

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