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Have you heard about crypto but don’t know where to get started? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The thing is, crypto isn’t as complicated as it seems. The markets are still young, with many prominent projects currently in development. Many say they could potentially be worth a ton in the future!So it’s not too late to get your feet wet in this extremely hot and popping space!

Get your foot in the door by earning some free crypto and seeing how it truly works with these 6 websites:


This is a relatively easy site to use. Sign up within minutes and win Bitcoin playing games and entering in contests! It’s one of the most fun and interactive ways to earn Bitcoin, and has a really great referral program so you can get your friends involved too!


Pei is a new app that allows you to earn cash back, with your choice of earning the cash back in Bitcoin or dollars! It’s a really good way to automatically earn Bitcoin without having to go through the process of transferring money to an exchange to buy it. Start earning crypto automatically, with every purchase you make.


Earn $10 worth of free bitcoin in 10 minutes! Just create a wallet on this website and complete a quick 5 minute task, and the company will send you your free Bitcoin. The only catch is that the Bitcoin needs to be sent to a Coinbase Bitcoin address only; if you don’t have an account on Coinbase, make one and claim your free crypto!


Coinbase offers a really easy way to earn some lesser known cryptos by watching videos and answering questions. This is an excellent way to become more informed and understand the technology better to open the door to more knowledge and meaningful projects in the space. Making an account on Coinbase is easy!

You’re now one step closer to unlocking some free crypto for yourself. Join the party and start using some of these amazing websites today!

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