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To be a digital nomad, having a solid remote job is basically essential. But finding these diamond in the rough jobs can be extremely difficult! They are high in demand, because everybody wants to have the freedom to work wherever they want. After countless hours searching for an easy and effective tool, I finally found Angel List. Here’s why I think this website is one of the best remote job boards out there:

  1. It’s personal and more tailored to you, not just your resume
  2. So many available jobs
  3. You get a more personal experience with company employees

1. It’s personal and more tailored to you, not just your resume

Most job websites these days have you fill out normal applications and attach a cover letter and/or resume. Then, your application goes to the human resources department, most likely to be forever trapped in a black hole of unread documents.

There is so much competition, so you really need to set yourself apart; this is why Angel List is great!

You don’t need to fill out a resume – you just have a profile with a quick glance of all your details. When you apply for a position, you simply click on the one you want and write a (sometimes) optional cover letter. I recommend ALWAYS personalizing the cover letter, as it stands out to those who don’t or have mediocre ones.

You just need 2 clicks and a short introduction about yourself and your skills to apply. 

2. Tons of remote job availability

In my experience of searching throughout tons of remote job boards, nothing compares to Angel List. There are so many jobs, remote and non-remote, that are always being updated and available.

Most people have the perception that remote jobs are only available to developers or writers; on Angel List, this is far from the truth. Some other common job types that offer remote work on this site include marketing, project management, general business office work, and more.

There are, however, many jobs that are outdated and expired, so simply filter for recent job postings to view the most relevant and active ones!

3. You get a more personal experience with company employees

If you are selected by the company for an interview, usually the founder or a high-level employee will personally reach out to you and ask for your availability.

The first immediate step is the interview. It is quick and easy to set up. This is important because you are automatically in touch with the people who run the business or have close ties with the owners, and being personal and less professional when communicating with them off the bat leaves a much better impression.

Angel List is not as professional as LinkedIn, FlexJobs, or other well-known job boards.

The Angel List process to get a remote job

remote jobs from angel list

When I first saw this website, I thought it was a slam dunk! You might not get results right away, but try to focus on making your profile more detailed so it stands out.

Really personalize your first message to the employer; focus on being less professional and more on being straightforward and down to earth with them.

Angel List allows you to showcase YOU in the most simple and personalized way. They also give you an overwhelming amount of job choices you won’t find anywhere else.

Sample cover letter for your dream remote job

Cover letters are not dead, regardless of what anyone says; they can, in many cases, be the deciding factor of choosing your application over someone else’s.

Here’s an example of a simple but effective, personal cover letter:

Hi [insert name here],

My name is insert name here, and this job post really caught my eye as I was going through the Angel List postings. I currently work as a insert job here, so I thought this position was a great fit!

I’ve been working in this industry for x years and have developed the right skills to succeed and bring value. I’m looking for something new and exciting to continue to grow in my career.

I would love to learn more about the position and the company, as well as your background and experiences. Feel free to reach out and we can set up some time to discuss!

Warm regards, 

[Insert name here]

So what are you waiting for?? Make an account and get started! Remote work has never been so close 😊 

If you are looking for other Job Boards for remote jobs, we got the thing for you. Get Remote Much now to find a comprehensive list of Remote Specific Job Boards where you can find your dream job. Click here to get it now or here to find out more.

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