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Do you like the internet? Are you into the latest tech and the coolest online tools? Wanna make money doing what you love?

We got the right thing for you.

Usability/User Testing!

So, what is User Testing? With user testing, get paid cash by performing easy website tasks. Simply, it’s you going to a website, exploring the pages and tools, and providing your opinion.

Easy, right?

Here is a list of 7 awesome User Testing websites that will pay you to do what you love.

Test IO

Test IO helps you become a tester, test the latest apps, websites, and games, and get paid for every issue you find.

Never tested before? No worries!

They’ll teach you how with their “Tester Academy.” It’s super simple and easy to get the hang of.

Things you might do include: giving feedback, running test cases, or trying to replicate bugs other people found.

And, we’re not talking about the bugs you squash under your shoe. Some bug examples: the listed price is incorrect, the app crashes, you can’t login, an image isn’t displaying correctly…you get the idea.

It’s usually pretty obvious when you come across one.

Most tests pay by the bug. You’ll earn more money for more critical bugs – up to $50 actually. You can also make money by reviewing apps and completing scripted test cases.

One user wrote:

“I earn €30/month, but some people make around €150. I’m still learning… : It can be done by anyone for as long as they can understand the tutorials on the site, however, those who know more about IT have an advantage. They have a lot of work.”


  • No experience necessary
  • They have a Tester Academy

Sign up to be a tester for


UserTesting pays you to interact with a website and record your thoughts about its user-friendliness. Each test lasts for twenty minutes and nets you $10 for your time (that’s an hourly wage of $30!).

They also have short tests that last from 3-5 minutes and pay $3. One UserTesting user is making $60 a week, while another reported average monthly earnings of $130!

In his review of UserTesting, Marc from said:

“This is a great product to cover the costs of a new online venture, a monthly membership to somewhere or something, or even a dinner or a movie once a month. It really does not take long. Just remember it will not replace your normal income, just a way to make a few extra bucks.”

Click here to check out his full review!

Available in these countries:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • India


Brutal is another company that pays you to test apps and websites.

Completing the tests is easy peasy—all you have to do is browse through the app or website and speak your thoughts aloud!

For every hour of feedback that you give, you’ll net €30, which is about $34.

In a review of Brutal, a user said:

“It’s really easy to do the tests and I’m able to learn something everyday.”

Sound like fun? Click here to sign up!

WTW: They don’t list any location requirements on their website. The only thing they say you need is a computer, phone, or tablet and an Internet connection!


UserInsights is a company just like UserTesting that pays you for your opinions on the usability of different websites.

Each test pays $5 and takes around 5 minutes…equating to an hourly wage of $60.

Not too shabby, eh?

UserInsights says that each tester usually completes 3-5 tests per week, which adds up to $15 to $25 a week in earnings for dead simple work.


UserCrowd (known as UsabilityHub until September 2018) is a company that pays you to test new app and website designs.

You may be asked to pick your favorite logo out of a list of options or give your opinion on a website’s background color.

Each task used to pay ten cents, but UserCrowd has promised higher payouts now that they’ve just rebranded.

In his review of UserCrowd, Ben Taylor from said:

“Interestingly, when I decided to get on and write this review, I asked myself whether I’d feel inclined to carry on using UsabilityHub afterwards, especially in view of the fact that it’s never going to earn me (or anyone else) very much money. To my slight surprise, the answer was an overwhelming “yes!” – primarily because the “work” only takes a minute or two here and there (atMOST!).”

If you feel like earning $60k+ a year for answering some simple questions, click here to learn more about UserCrowd!

WTW: Couldn’t find any geographic requirements listed on their website and saw someone from Romania who was using it, so I’d imagine you can use this site anywhere as long as you have a PayPal account.


PlayTestCloud is a company that pays you for testing games.

Seriously, how awesome is that?!

Most tests take 15-30 minutes to complete and pay between $7 and $9 (or more if you consistently provide high quality feedback). PlayTestCloud says
that each tester will probably get one or two tests a month, but some users have reported making as much as $30 a month on the platorm.

If playing games on your phone is something you do already, here’s the perfect way to monetize your free time fun! had this to say about PlayTestCloud:

“PlayTestCloud is not a scam, if you enjoy playing games this seems to be a really cool way to make an extra income…As long as you know that you’ll receive a few test per month and understand that this is just an extra income you should be pretty happy testing at PlayTestCloud.”

If PlayTestCloud sounds like a fun way to make extra cash, click here to learn more!

WTW: Most tests are available for UK, US, and Canadian residents, but the company hopes to expand to Ireland and other countries in the future


Designers are always looking to get feedback on their apps and websites. Earn €40 to €200 for participating in user interviews and testing sessions.

All you need is stable internet connection and computer camera. The interviewer will typically give you a link to visit and you’ll share your screen with them.

They will ask you few simple questions: all you need to do is answer them honestly or think aloud by describing your thoughts while you’re looking at their product.

In a review of the site, a user said:

“I’d say it was about a week or so after joining that I qualified for a test… I
did the test on 15th May. Really enjoyed it. The session was for half an hour
and paid 20 Euros. It was live, via video call. I got PayPal’d a week later.”

Ping over to PingPong by clicking here!

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