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If you’re like me and 99% of other nomads (people) out there, you probably spend wayyyy too much time on your phone. Now I’m not blaming you! For better or worse, we use it for a million and one things any given day.

But let’s be honest… don’t tell me you haven’t felt even a little guilty for staying glued to your phone when you could be doing something more productive.

As important as checking Instagram, playing a game, or texting a friend seems at the moment, I think we all wish in hindsight we spent some of that time improving ourselves or getting real sh** done!

Nomads! Use your phone and burn calories!

Then it hit me… why not make lemons out of lemonade?! (Yep… way more fun to say it that way :P). Just because most people stand or sit, frozen like a zombie hooked to their phone doesn’t mean you need to! (Just look at people waiting for the train or bus – I bet you $5 at least half are on their phones).

Wouldn’t you rather burn a few calories and get a mini-workout at the same time? I know I would 🙂

The Workout exercise hacks for nomads

That’s why I came up with a few quick, simple exercises we can do literally anytime, anywhere while on our smartphones. 

Just to be clear, these aren’t substitutes for a complete workout, but still…they’re easy ways to get your sweat on and not feel like a total phone zombie statue like everyone else!!

Ready to feel the burn without putting down that technologyyy?! 

Let me show you how in this quick video.

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