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Cha-ching! 🤑 Turn Your Business Card Into A Lead Generating Machine

Business cards….ugh. So 1990’s, right?

In today’s digital world they’re not really necessary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. In fact, when done right – a business card can be an incredibly effective, grassroots marketing tool.

Two words for ya: Lead. Generation.

Yep, believe it or not, your business card can still bring you tons of leads.

You just have the think outside the box to make sure yours doesn’t get tossed into the trash a few minutes later! 😨

How does it work?

You want your biz card to encourage a specific action rather than listing boring contact info (like everyone and their parents).

Here’s the 4 step secret sauce… 🤫

1. Interrupt your prospects (ie, via an attention grabbing headline)

2. Engage them (offering an answer to the problem shown in the headline)

3.Educate them (give key info demonstrating your value) and….

4. Make them an offer! (call to action).

The front of the card can appear like your basic biz card (innovative designs welcome). For those of you who forgot what a business card looks like, the basic idea is pretty simple. You’ll have a logo, your name, company name, job title, etc (unless you happen to be Owen Wilson).

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

The last line on the card should be in some eye-catching red and/or bold font and say… “see other side for special offer.”

Now who can resist flipping that bad boy over to find out what that’s all about? 🤔

Also, keep in mind — since this person should’ve gotten the card from you personally, there’s already some kind of relationship / trust established which makes it more likely they’ll respond.

Why is this so key for a Lead Generating Machine?!

Well, your prospects are overwhelmed with all kinds of sales and marketing on a daily basis. We’re all so jaded we tune 99.9% of it out. But your special card with the “offer” in red cuts through all that. When they flip it over, they’ll see another headline (continuing to engages them!) by promising to solve a major pain point you can specifically help with.

Since the business card is pretty tiny, the offer is super important. It needs to not only tell them what you do, but get the prospect to take action. Both of these can be easily accomplished by making the offer lead to info offer via a free PDF, video, webinar, or podcast…where you’ll go into more detail how you can help of course 😉.

Here’s a quick example if you wanted to go the video route. You could film yourself being “interviewed” on your area of expertise. Best to keep it brief, like 3 minutes or less. On the front of your card, below your contact information, you’d have something like…

“See me discuss [your field]!”

Then add the video URL for them to enter into their browser. This video can be a buddy or colleague interviewing you talk show style, framing you as an expert

But don’t stop there. You can make another short video, and just below the previous wording, add:

“Here’s how I can help you!”

Then you’ll insert the next video URL. This one will be you talking to them directly (no interview this time), and give them a solid reason to take a specific action.

When your leads learn about your expertise and what you offer in a non-threatening way, there’s a much bigger chance they’ll respond and eventually become a customer.

There’s tons of affordable biz card services on Fiverr, with plenty of “outside-the-box” non-traditional designs. So the last question I have for you is.. if your card isn’t already a lead gen machine, what are you waiting for?!!

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